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Nayme José de Salles started working in the coffee trade in 1951, experiencing the defining moments of coffee growing in the Zona da Mata Mineira region and in the world. He saw coffee burning, eradication and renovation of the coffee park, experiencing reflections of historic droughts and frosts. He was a pioneer in differentiating superior quality coffees in our region by smell, defining micro regions where coffees with relevant characteristics emerged. In 1976, together with his children, he started working in the production area, accumulating a portfolio of knowledge that allowed him to start in the roasted and ground business in 2015, determining quality and responsibility in the possible market niches in which he participates, always seeking satisfaction of the customer!

Each process that our coffee goes through is done with all affection for THE BEST to reach your table!

Our coffee doesn't have that name for nothing, it carries with it a enormous significance and an even greater story. Nayme went a great man, with whom we learned a lot about our craft to get where we are today. He started out being a great broker, gaining more and more experience about the grains that become the world's most beloved drink world... Knowledge that led to the desire to be a producer! Boa Vista Farm, or Mr. Nayme, turned the cradle of our Nayme coffee, which warms and wakes us up every days in the morning!

And that's how we always want to remember him, as a good cup of coffee: loved by all, with an aroma that awakens memories, and warms us all over, renewing our energies every morning with the certainty that that we can always seek to be better every day! We thank you for the companion husband who was, for the father wonderful that he spared no efforts to conduct his children, for the loving and exemplary grandfather... and last but not least not least, for friendship, he was a great collector of them! How many friends, how many stories... His legacy is BEAUTIFUL and HONORABLE, Mr. Nayme!


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