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Grandma's bread Marly

We decided to share our grandmother's bread recipe with you... There's no better accompaniment to a cup of Nayme coffee (maybe you drink the whole bottle of coffee)


  • 02 eggs
  • 02 cups of sugar
  • 02 cups of cornmeal
  • 02 glasses of milk
  • 01 cup wheat flour
  • 01 glass of oil
  • 01 Tablespoon Baking Powder
  • 01 pinch of salt
  • Coconut or fennel to taste

Method of preparation:

Beat the eggs, sugar, milk and oil first. After forming a homogeneous mixture, add the dry and beat. Finally add the Royal powder, mix, and place in a greased form. bake for approximately 35 min (time may vary depending on oven).